We provide ergonomics, human factors and WHS consultant services throughout Australia.


Ergonomists work on helping to design the work environment for the intended user – creating a setting where people are healthy, comfortable, work effectively and performance is at a much higher level.


Alba Ergonomics is an Australian based consultancy of Certified Professional Ergonomists (CPE) and Work Health and Safety (WHS) Specialists providing Ergonomics, Human Factors and Work Health & Safety (WHS) consultant services.

All Alba Ergonomic consultants have a minimum of Postgraduate studies in Ergonomics, Work Health Safety (WHS) or relevant fields. All have over 10 years hands on experience working with companies to minimise injuries and maximise productivity. 

Our Services.



We will assist your workplace to create a healthy and more productive workplace through a complete a range of specialist consultancy skills.  read more>> 


We develop competencies either through customised or Nationally Accredited training in a variety of ergonomic and WHS topics. We deliver training in Apply Ergonomics to manage WHS hazards and risks (BSBWHS607A). We are linked with a reputable RTO to provide this Unit of Competency and can adapt this to suit your workplace. read more>> 

Expert reports  

Through our training and experience, we are able to provide expert opinion reports for use in litigation. Our experts can comment on human factors and ergonomics through the assessment of human anatomical, anthropometric, physiological and biomechanical characteristics as they relate to the physical activity of work tasks and injuries.   read more>>