Ergonomic Design

Green ergonomics in the workplace

The aim of Green Ergonomics is to assist towards the integration of Ergonomics into design that is functional, productive and healthy for the intended users, thereby promoting sustainability both at an individual level and systems level.

Our work has included new build and refurbishments, working with Builders & Architects, Designers and Project Managers.

We offer expert advice on:

  • Ergonomics approach for computer users - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
  • Ergonomics (Interiors) - Green Building Council Australia (GBCA)
  • Accessibility and Usability (Feature 72) - International WELL Building Institute (WELL)  
  • Ergonomics: Visual and Physical (Feature 73) - International WELL Building Institute (WELL) 
  • Project teams Ergonomics advisor
  • Workshop facilitation for end users
  • Ergonomics programs and technical reports 

Office workstation ergonomics: furniture, seating WHS training and assessments.

The aim of Office Ergonomics interventions is to set up the office work space so that it fits the user and the specific job they are doing.

Our work has included large and small companies; government and private business; schools and universities. We advise on refurbishing's, re-location, new build, injury management cases, or even a refresh for workers to review their workstation set up and prevent injury. 

We offer:

  • Individual and Group workstation assessments
  • Home office workstation and WHS assessment
  • Train the trainer courses for workstation assessments
  • Advise on Office Furniture procurement to suit your workplace needs
  • Develop workstation assessment package for ongoing assessment and refresher training
  • Develop Office Ergonomics policies and procedures, including easy to follow checklists, training and intranet content
  • Sit / stand and multi media use set up and training
  • Develop Ergonomics Programs: workstation policies and procedures, assessment, training, including easy to follow checklists and intranet content

Safety by design

The aim of Ergonomics in all stages of the design lifecycle is to eliminate and engineer out potential safety hazards and / or productivity issues.

Our work has included reviews of plant, structures and work sites. At early stage of design all the way through to decommission stages.

We offer:

  • Design Risk Assessments
  • Anthropometrics technical reports
  • Mock up and Prototype workshops
  • Ergonomics for Engineers Education
  • Heuristic evaluations
  • Cost benefit analysis of controls