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We can provide virtual ergonomics assessments and deliver advice and training to ensure your team’s remote or home workspace is as comfortable as reasonably practicable.

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Who is Alba Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is about people and so are we! At Alba Ergonomics we want to see people working at their best. We consult with our clients across all industry sectors to create the systems, spaces and surroundings that will help you or your team perform at their peak. Whether you work in an industrial, educational, office or home environment, we ensure you feel safe, focused and productive, every day.

Our Services

Alba Ergonomics is an Australian business offering of ergonomics, work health and safety, and human factors consultancy services. All our consultants are Certified Professional Ergonomists (CPE) and Work and Health and Safety (WHS) Specialists, certified through the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australian (HFESA), with a minimum of postgraduate study in these fields, and more than 10 years hands-on experience working with companies to minimise injuries and maximise productivity.


Best practice ergonomics advice and human factors across all industry sectors in Australia

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Expert Opinion

Expert opinion ergonomics reports for use in litigation in Australia

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Strategy & Design

Ergonomics strategy and design for new and existing building projects

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Ergonomics and human factors training for teams and individuals Australia-wide

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