Ergonomics in Events, Venues, Grand Stands

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The aim of Ergonomics in public projects is about designing to ensure people are able to function safely and effectively. We are concerned with the usability of products, systems, tools and environments and how ultimately the intended users can use them, whether this is public domain or workers operation.

Our ergonomist specialist on improving human efficiency for events, sporting venues, grand stands, concerts, entertainment centres, council public space use, design of public areas and equipment such as waste management, public seating, access and egress.

We offer:

  • Usability testing of equipment to ensure effective and ease of use, prevent human error during operation
  • Work environment design reviews
  • Green Star Rating Tool – Interiors (Retail Design)
  • Workshops with end users and prototype testing
  • Train the trainer courses for Ergonomic Design
  • We can advise on Legislation, Australia Standards and Industry best practice recommendations
  • Technical Reports
  • Slip, Trip, Fall Testing
  • Noise Assessments
  • Lighting Assessments
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