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We provide ergonomics principles and guidance on making your home office as comfortable as reasonably practicable.

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What is Alba Ergonomics?

Ergonomics (or human factors) is the scientific discipline concerned with the understanding of interactions among humans and other elements of a system. We factor in the human! As professionals we apply theory, principles, data and methods to design of things or systems in order to optimise human well-being and overall system performance.

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Alba Ergonomics is an Australian based consultancy group. We are all Certified Professional Ergonomists (CPE) and Work and Health and Safety (WHS) Specialists, certified through the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australian (HFESA)

We provide Ergonomics, Human Factors and Work Health & Safety (WHS) consultant services.

We are appropriately qualified and experienced. All Alba Ergonomic consultants have a minimum of Postgraduate studies in Ergonomics, Work Health Safety (WHS) or relevant fields. All have over 10 years hands on experience working with companies to minimise injuries and maximise productivity.

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The Alba Ergo Blog

This is your 'go to' page for updates, facts and reference with regards to green ergonomics'

Looking after your eyes

Ever been sat in an office with really bright lighting and you’re going home with headaches and a back neck? Ever been in an office with really dim lighting and you’re going home with back pain because you’re leaning forward to view your documents because you can’t see very well? Poor lighting can force our posture in different ways and can also affect our eyes.

Attract & Retain Talent

Millennials are looking for leaders, not managers. They want people to guide them and listen to their ideas and not micromanage them which is why it is important to design offices that allow for this type of communication. Millennials don’t want to be given meaningless work, they want to do work that matters. A workplace that fosters communication, feedback, and flexibility will certainly attract the best talent.

Is a back that bounces allowed?

If you have a chair that moves, it enables you to move back and forth whilst being fully supported and if you’ve tried it is a lot more comfortable. It encourages blood circulation around the body, more efficient oxygen supply as when the backrest moves back our chest opens up and we are able to breathe better and allows our digestive system to work better because we are not squashing our internal organs. No one wants that do they!


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