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We can provide virtual ergonomics assessments and deliver advice and training to ensure your team’s remote or home workspace is as comfortable as reasonably practicable.
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Ergonomic By Design

Alba Ergonomics is an Australian business offering of ergonomics, work health and safety, and human factors consultancy services. All our consultants are Certified Professional Ergonomists (CPE) and Work and Health and Safety (WHS) Specialists, certified through the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australian (HFESA), with a minimum of postgraduate study in these fields, and more than 10 years hands-on experience working with companies to minimise injuries and maximise productivity.
Australian building with an ergonomic design.

Architecture & Design

Ergonomics advice and strategy for all stages of building design and construction
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Ergonomics consultant delivering training to a large group of professional business people, inside a Sydney lecture theatre.


Assessments and advice for education providers, including daycares, schools, libraries and universities
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Large indoor event about workplace ergonomics, with hundreds of public attendees.

Events & Venues

Specialist ergonomics strategy and advice for events, sporting venues, entertainment centres and public areas
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Professional medical doctor demonstrating ergonomics within the surgery.

Health & Aged Care

Creating a safe and productive work environment in hospitals, aged care facilities, medical suppliers and more.
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Industrial workplace with large heavy steel industrial machinery.

Industrial & Construction

Reducing the impact of heavy equipment or production line operation for OEMs, manufacturers, waste management and construction
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Office workers sitting in at their ergonomic workstation, using their desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices.

Office & Corporate

Workstation ergonomics interventions, assessments and injury management for businesses and government
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Office workers sitting in at their ergonomic workstation, using their desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices.

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