Ergonomics in Health & Aged Care

The aim of ergonomics in healthcare is to improve caregivers working conditions by helping to create a healthy, safe and productive work environment; while also ensuring patients quality of care, safety, dignity and privacy.

Our work has included medical suppliers, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, aged care facilities, rehabilitation centres and community health programs.

We offer:

  • Individual ergonomics reviews
  • Ergonomics risk assessments
  • Use ability heuristic testing of equipment and systems
  • Refurbishment and older building design advice
  • Green Star Rating Tool – Interiors (Hospital Design)
  • Gap analysis of current programs, development of new programs
  • Train the trainer courses for ergonomics in manual handling of people
  • Non technical skills training
  • Advice on equipment design and procurement to suit your workplace needs
  • Develop manual handling programs and ergonomics programs
  • Develop hazardous manual tasks policies and procedures, including easy to follow risk registers, checklists, training and intranet content
  • We can advise on legislation, Australian standards and industry best practice recommendations.


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